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Recommend a professional from your professional network and receive a bonus of up to 300 euros.


Each week we offer several job offers eligible for cooptation.

How it works ?

I distribute the eligible job offer to my contacts who meet the profile sought

My godchild is recruited

I receive a bonus up to 300 euros

* Job Hospitality cooptation program to be consulted at the bottom of the page

Our latest cooptation offers

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*JOBHOSPITALITY referral program

The referral program is intended for professionals registered in the pool of JobHospitality and holders of a username and password. The program aims to reward them when they have recommended JobHospitality to a person in their professional environment and that person is recruited.

Selection of co-operators

To become a co-optor, it is necessary:

  • To register or be registered on the jobHospitality.com site, by creating a profile with at least their surname, first name, e-mail address and password and by inserting their CV
  • Adhere to the co-optor’s Code of Ethics, which defines good practice in terms of recommendations.
  • To agree to abide by these general conditions of use.

By validating his registration, any co-optor also implicitly declares to be an individual

The co-optor’s ethical charter is as follows:

JobHospitality offers on its website a collaborative recruitment method, on a selection of job offers, identified as eligible for the cooptation program.

  • Co-option is based on a human relationship in which everyone must know each other. The co-operator must know the people he recommends just as JobHospitality knows the co-operators who are registered on its site.
  • The co-optor further undertakes to recommend only potential candidates who meet the professional experience and profile criteria appearing in the published and eligible job offer.
  • This charter aims to affirm and formalize the notions of trust, mutual respect and direct relationship which constitute the basis of exchanges between JobHospitality and co-optors. This charter also defines best practices in terms of recommendation and recruitment.
  • Any co-optor undertakes to respect it, as well as the General Conditions of Use, of the JobHospitality site which are available online.
  • The co-operator cannot under any circumstances duplicate and/or modify the advertisements to publish them on other sites or social networks. He can, however, share eligible advertisements by sending them by email to people in his environment whom he thinks may correspond to the profile sought.
  • The personal data of co-operators are not public and are known only to JobHospitality and in no case to the public or recruiting customers.
  • A co-optor cannot be rewarded if he recommends a person from his company and that person is recruited.

Co-opters are informed of job offers eligible for co-option in three ways:

  • By way of general e-mail, which offers a selection of offers open to recommendation.
  • By way of specialized e-mail on the criteria given by the co-operators in their profiles (geographical area, sector of activity, profession), as well as on the activity.
  • Via the JobHospitality site where eligible offers are published on a dedicated page.

To be able to send a job offer to a candidate, the co-optor must proceed as follows:

  • Enter your username and password in the space located for this purpose in the environment of the eligible job offer
  • Enter the surnames, first names and email address of the person to whom he wishes to recommend the position
  • A Comment intended to specify the reasons for which he is offering this position to the candidate
  • The co-optor can also specify, by ticking the corresponding box, whether JobHospitality can contact the Candidate on his behalf or not.
  • Once this form has been validated by the co-optor, JobHospitality automatically sends an email to the candidate to let them know that their profile has been recommended and that they can consult the job offer and apply. Depending on the results of the recruitment process, co-operators can obtain recruitment bonuses.


  • If a co-operator recommends a Candidate for an online ad and this candidate is actually recruited by the Recruiter (signature of an employment contract), JobHospitality awards the co-operator a bonus, the amount of which is indicated on the website for each job offer. employment eligible for the program.

Allocation of the bonus:

  • In the event that several co-operators recommend the same person for the same offer eligible for the program, the allocation of the bonus will go to the first in the chronological order of receipts to have made the recommendation.
  • The Co-optation bonus will only be paid at the end of the trial period, within 45 days and insofar as the recommended candidate will still be in post at the end of this period.
  • In accordance with the provisions of 3° of article 242 bis of the general tax code, the co-optor bonuses will be transmitted to the general directorate of public finances, which will send them to the URSSAF network in application of article L114-19- 1 of the social security code.