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Head of Party

You realize, prepare and send the dishes relating to his part. You must observe the rules of hygiene, store and control the goods of his part. You also ensure the organization of work and ensure the training of the team for which you are responsible.


CAP / BAC PRO Cooking


Calm, endurance, organization, organizational skills, team spirit, rigor, pedagogy, creativity

Average salaries

Confirmed salary (from 2 to 5 years): 23-26 k€ gross annual
Experienced salary (more than 5 years): 28-30 k€ gross annual


Solid knowledge of cooking, knowing how to supervise a team, working efficiently and respecting hygiene rules, knowing how to make and prepare dishes. You have the desire to pass on your knowledge to the clerks who work with you, and you use your creativity to create beautiful and tasty dishes.


Cook, second in the kitchen, head chef

Our professionals testify

It takes the same time to be disorganized as to be organized, but the result achieved is not the same

Maria , Chef de partie in a starred restaurant

Tell us about your background:

It was when I started to cook for myself and then with my mother that I discovered and appreciated cooking. I passed a BAC L then I registered at the Paul Bocuse Institute where I passed a degree in culinary arts and catering management. I then had the opportunity to do an internship at the Géranium in Copenhagen where I stayed for 3 years and then to join the brigade of the Plaza Athénée.

What is a typical day?

As I take care of the meat and fish parts, I start by preparing the juices for about 1 hour then I prepare the portions, lift the fillets and finally the service arrives very quickly…

What do you appreciate the most in your role?

I’m curious about what surrounds me so I go discover other cuisines and our job offers us great opportunities to travel the world because I know that I could find a job anywhere.
I also appreciate the relationships with young people to whom I try to transmit the positive values of the profession and to see them take pleasure in doing our job.
What qualities do you need to have to do this job?
You have to be rigorous, organized, disciplined and curious about everything.

A quote ?

“It takes the same time to be disorganized as to be organized, but the result achieved is not the same”.

High Level

Pierre, Chef de partie

“From the High Level”, I would sum up the experience I had with JOBHOSPITALITY in Spring 2019.
From the beginning to the end of the recruitment process, I felt great professionalism and real attention. »