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Pastry Clerk

You ensure the preparation of ingredients and equipment, for everything related to pastries. You must ensure the cleanliness and maintenance of equipment and premises, and make the desserts supervised by your work team.


CAP / BAC PRO catering with additional mention pastry


Rigor, organization, sense of initiative, availability, creativity, curious and observer

Average salaries

Starting salary: 20-22 k€ gross annual
Confirmed salary (from 2 to 5 years): 24-26 k€ gross annual


Ability to manage working time, respect of technical sheets for the realization of desserts, sense of discipline. Passionate about pastry and customer satisfaction, you have the desire to learn and progress thanks to your curiosity.


Pastry, Pastry Chef

Our professionals testify

Unfortunately, we have not gathered any testimony related to this job for the moment, our teams are actively working on the subject.