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Second cook

You prepare your dishes while respecting the rules of hygiene and safety, you replace the chef during his absence, and participate in the management and maintenance of the premises. You are also responsible for your team, which you supervise and train.


CAP / BAC PRO / BTS restoration


Sense of organization, creativity, ability to anticipate and manage stress

Average salaries

Junior salary: 28-43 k€ gross annual
Confirmed salary: 33-45 k€ gross annual


Leading a team and motivating it, knowing how to communicate effectively, respecting hygiene rules, having good physical condition, perfect knowledge of all trades and tasks relating to each person, ability to replace the chef during his absence. Passionate about cooking, you want to pass on your knowledge and use your skills to evolve.



Our professionals testify

In the event of a possible job change, I will go through JOBHOSPITALITY

Maxime, Assistant chef

“I had the pleasure of being contacted directly by JOBHOSPITALITY several weeks ago.
Not being in active search, however, I was immediately able to measure from the first exchange a coherence between the client’s need and my professional expectations.
In the event of a possible job change, I will go through JOBHOSPITALITY. »