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Night Auditor

You manage late arrivals as well as early departures of customers. You must also ensure the telephone reception and the sorting of mail, as well as the accounting of the reception (collections, closing of the cash register, control of invoices, etc.).


CAP hotel services / BAC PRO hotel industry accommodation option / CQP Receptionist / BTS hotel industry


excellent presentation, autonomy, organization, availability, responsiveness, rigor

Average salaries

Young graduate salary: 20-24 k€ gross annual
Confirmed salary (from 2 to 5 years): 22-28 k€ gross annual
Experienced salary (more than 5 years): 27-33 k€ gross annual


Ensure the reception and know how to manage late departures and arrivals, be able to make the right decisions, ensure the closing of the reception (invoices, receipts, etc.), fluency in English. You enjoy both welcoming and informing customers as well as possible, even in the middle of the night, but you are also a good manager and you are not afraid of numbers.


Receptionist, Head of reception

Our professionals testify

Unfortunately, we have not gathered any testimony related to this job for the moment, our teams are actively working on the subject.

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