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Night watchman

You must greet and receive customers during the night. You must be able to guarantee calm and security within the establishment, and make the right decisions when necessary. You also draw up a report to send to the day receptionist.


No special training


Helpfulness, friendliness, sociability, versatility, autonomy, rigor

Average salaries

Confirmed (2 to 5 years): 18-22 k€ gross annual
Experienced (+5 years): 20-26 k€ gross annual


Know how to work alone at night and make the right decisions in the event of a problem, know how to adapt to any type of situation, have a sense of hospitality and service, good practice of English. You are not afraid to face unforeseen situations and know how to be welcoming in all circumstances.


Receptionist, Head of reception

Our professionals testify

Unfortunately, we have not gathered any testimony related to this job for the moment, our teams are actively working on the subject.

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