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You welcome, install and advise customers. You thus ensure the smooth running of the service, and the respect of its rhythm. You also ensure good coordination with the kitchen, and organize the work of the team you work with.


CAP / BAC PRO / BTS hotel and catering


Excellent presentation, thoroughness, attention to detail, organization, courtesy, excellent memory, interpersonal skills

Average salaries

Junior salary: 28-40 k€ gross annual
Confirmed salary: 23-44 k€ gross annual


Orchestrate the dining room by managing the entire team, make suggestions and advise customers in their choices, practice English and a second foreign language, ensure the quality of service and customer satisfaction.
Passion for your job is driven by customer recognition, and you know how to supervise and pass on your knowledge to your team.


Room manager

Our professionals testify

The accompaniment was perfectly correct

Eric, Butler

“The JOBHOSPITALITY firm handled my application with delicacy, explaining the recruitment process very clearly.
The support was perfectly fair, precise, a real pleasure to discuss with this firm. »

Surely my best experience with a recruitment firm

Emile, Butler in the Var

“I really appreciated JOBHOSPITALITY’s approach to my job search.
A user-friendly approach, which made the recruitment process both very pleasant and efficient. In particular with a very good targeting of the expectations of the recruiter and the recruit.
Surely my best experience with a recruitment firm. »