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Head Sommelier

You develop the wine list, and update it regularly. You then present it to customers, advise them in their choices and serve them. You are also responsible for your team, which you integrate and train.


CAP / BAC PRO hotel catering additional mention sommelier


Subtle taste and smell, curiosity, team spirit, adaptability, open-mindedness, generosity, business sense, courtesy, elegance

Average salaries

Confirmed salary (from 2 to 5 years): 26-30 k€ gross annual
Experienced salary (more than 5 years): 30-34 k€ gross annual


Know how to choose and retain all the wines offered on the menu, know how to negotiate the purchase prices of the different wines, manage the team of sommeliers, perfect knowledge of the vineyards and grape varieties, practice of English and a 2nd foreign language . You are passionate about sommellerie, and you use your knowledge and experience for the benefit of your team and the satisfaction of your customers.


Evolve in higher standing establishments

Our professionals testify

Unfortunately, we have not gathered any testimony related to this job for the moment, our teams are actively working on the subject.