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Head waiter

You set up the room. You are responsible for welcoming customers, advising them and serving them. You take care of the needs of the latter, and adapt your pace accordingly. You are also responsible for the team of clerks you work with.


CAP / BAC PRO hotel catering


Rigor, reactivity, organization, pedagogy, calm, physical resistance, sense of detail, elegance, courtesy, observation, attentive

Average salaries

Confirmed salary: 19-26 k€ gross annual
Experienced salary: 20-28 k€ gross annual


Advice to customers, management of potential conflicts, management of the team of waiters, service and clearing of dishes.
You are passionate about the sense of service, and you want to offer customers impeccable service.


Butler, room manager

Our professionals testify

They directed me to the right company

Chloe, Head waiter

“Having myself had three rather negative experiences with employers, JOBHOSPITALITY offered me support in my research. They directed me to the right company by asking me the right questions”