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Room manager

You manage all the staff in the dining room, and you are responsible for developing the profitability of the restaurant. You also develop relationships with customers, and ensure that they are satisfied from start to finish with their experience.


CAP / BAC PRO hotel catering


Excellent presentation, authority, autonomy, discretion, rigor, organization

Average salaries

Confirmed salary: 30-34 k€ gross annual
Experienced salary: 34-38 k€ gross annual


Supervision and management of the entire room team, reception and advice to customers, good management of supplies and stocks, practice of English and a 2nd foreign language.
Customer satisfaction, the smooth running of room services and the good management of your team are 3 elements that you master.


Director of catering

Our professionals testify

Unfortunately, we have not gathered any testimony related to this job for the moment, our teams are actively working on the subject.