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Sommelier Clerk

You work alongside the Sommelier or Head Sommelier, whom you assist. You help with the reception and storage of the different wines in the cellar, and you are responsible for picking up the wines ordered by customers in the cellar during the service.


  • CAP / BAC PRO / Bachelor / BTS hotel catering complementary mention sommelier


Excellent presentation, rigor, sense of observation, listening, sense of smell and developed tastes, responsiveness, desire to learn and progress

Average salaries

Starting salary: 18-20 k€ gross annual
Confirmed salary (from 2 to 5 years): 20-22 k€ gross annual


Know how to welcome customers, know how to manage the cellar and the orders taken by the Head Sommelier, be attentive to customer requests and know how to advise them, have a good command of English, have knowledge of the vineyard. Passionate about service and sommellerie, customer satisfaction is at the heart of your requirements. You have the desire to learn and progress thanks to your observation and your curiosity.


Sommelier, Head Sommelier

Our professionals testify

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